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The proposed Consumer Education and Promotion Program https://bit.ly/32FT3IK details the activities that will be undertaken in each of our five key markets – Hong Kong, Japan, china, Singapore and Australia.

There are five activity areas proposed – all aimed at positioning Australia as the home of wild abalone:

  1. Managing the use of the Australian Wild Abalone certification trademark – the cornerstone of the CEP Program – to differentiate genuine Australian wild-caught abalone from our competitors
  2. Ensuring that we have full access to the global abalone markets so that we can build demand in alternative markets and spread market risk
  3. Raising consumer awareness and activating them to choose Australian wild-caught abalone over our competitors, and willingly pay a premium for it
  4. Helping all abalone enterprises, including our exporters, importers/distributors and their customers, promote Australian wild-caught abalone to consumers
  5. Staying on top of market and consumer trends and taking advantage of them

All these activities will be undertaken in each of the five key markets and tailored to the individual needs of each those markets.

An Abalone Marketing Advisory Committee https://bit.ly/2pTqpGX will be established by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation to guide the investment in consumer education and promotion.

All in-market consumer education and promotion activities will be undertaken by specialist experts in each market. These experts will be selected by tender and contracted and managed by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC).

To see examples of the kinds of activities that will happen as the CEP Program is implemented have a look at these short videos https://bit.ly/2ruO5BG


Some questions we were asked by quota owners last week:
There have been different versions of the document over the years how do I know that I am looking at the most up-to-date version?

The final documents have different covers to previous versions. The most up to date versions are available at https://abalonepal.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/171019-TURNING-THE-TIDE-INVESTMENT-PROPOSAL-web.pdf

If you received the documents in the mail as part of your voter pack OR you downloaded the document from the website after the voting opened at 00:01 on the 11th of November then you can be sure that you have the right one. Many changes were made to previous versions as a result of consultation with Australian wild-caught abalone stakeholders.

How will the votes be counted?
Page 45 of the Levy Investment Proposal says “The votes will be counted in two ways. Firstly, how many quota holding entities voted ‘yes’ compared to the number that voted ‘no’. Secondly, how much quota (in kgs) is owned by those entities which voted ‘yes’ compared to ‘no’”. Both metrics are important. Everyone’s vote is important.
Do you need more information or have some more questions?
Go to www.abalonepal.com and have a look at all the information that is there to help you decide how to vote.

We will be adding more information to the website and providing regular updates by email over the next five weeks.

If you have any questions, please send an email to admin@abalonecouncil.com.au We undertake to provide a response to you within 2 working days.

This is your chance to have your say on the future profitability of the Australian wild-caught abalone industry. Make your vote count.

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